We can give you an instant quote for your personal automobile or homeowners.  Please see the right side of this page under Featured Carriers and click the button for Auto, Homeowners, Rental or Condo quotes.  Usually credits are available by contacting one of our agents.

Many of our clients have many questions on the Affordable Healthcard Act., “Obama Care”.  Pam Presley has now been trained in Obama Care and can answer any questions you might have.  In the right situation she has been able to get coverage for 10% of what the commercial market is charging.


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Service to our clients is our main focus. Our goal is to be a valuable part of our clients financial success by protecting them against unforeseen, unavoidable losses, and doing so with as little effort as possible from our client. What makes us different from our competition is our friendly, informed and professional staff and our ability to respond to our clients needs quickly. We provide old fashion service to our clients with a modern, high tech delivery system.

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What makes us different?

For starters, when you call our office during business hours a person answers the phone. If your team is not available at the time of your call, you have an option of voicemail.

Most insurance agencies are divided into departments in which the sales staff contacts a prospect and then turns it over to the marketing department that finds an insurance company to quote and then a service department that deals with the day-to-day processing. You usually end up with a different person each time you call. At Theodore & Associates, a team of Brokers and Agents handle your account. Your team will handle your account from beginning to end. Your Lead Broker gathers your specific information, designs the tailored coverage program that fits your needs, and then negotiates with our many insurance companies for the most competitive premiums. The Lead Broker works with an In-House Broker and Agent throughout the process. That way a team member is usually available to handle your service needs.

Theodore & Associates represent an unusually large number of insurance companies. This gives us the ability to provide you, our client, with the most comprehensive coverage program with very competitive premiums. Our relationships with our insurance companies have been cultivated over many years, some going back for over a century.

Theodore & Associates has a stable, experienced staff. Our staff has been with Theodore & Associates for an average of 14 years. We have lost some staff to our competitors but many of them have come back. We pride ourselves on having a highly trained and experienced insurance staff, many with over 30 years insurance industry experience.

Our agency automation system is state of the art and secure so  that your personal information is protected.  We are also paperless so after your information is put into our secure system it is then shredded.

We look forward to serving you and providing for all your insurance needs.




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